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Welcome to The Crusades Regesta, a searchable database of charters, letters and other documents relating to the Latin kingdoms of the Eastern Mediterranean between 1098 and 1291.

The project is an international collaboration between experts on the crusades, crusader states and medieval Mediterranean which began over twenty years ago, instigated by eminent historian Prof. Jonathan Riley-Smith. Today, supported by the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East, a team of prominent historians continues to add new entries to the database.

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What's New?

Note on new entries

Please note that new entries for the years 1245-1250 are currently still in beta version, and some bugs may affect the system. We are working to resolve these as soon as possible, but until we do, please be aware of possible bugs when using these entries in your research/teaching.

Thank you for your patience!

Regesta Renamed

The ‘Revised Regesta Regni Hierosolymitani Database’ is now 'The Crusades Regesta'.

New Entries (beta version)

As of March 2024 the database has been updated with entries up to 1250. The expansion of the database was made possible by a generous grant of the SSCLE.

We are working to add a further decade of entries - watch this space for updates.

Want to help? Please consider donating money or time and help us achieve 1291! You can contact us here.

The Crusades Regesta

Come and hear Myra Bom and Anna Gutgarts talk about the project: 

Les humanités numériques et l’Orient chrétien médiéval : nouveaux outils, nouvelles approches, nouvelles perspectives (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, Montpellier)

14-15 November / novembre 2024

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How to cite the Regesta?

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The work on the Revised Regesta Online Database continues with the assistance of:

Anthony Harris

Hans E. Mayer

Catherine Otten

Chris Schabel

Rabei G. Khamisy

Brendan Goldman

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